Window cleaning

Cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly solution

Focus on quality

CleanxGroup’s biggest focus is to deliver a service that provides good value for money. We have therefore chosen not only to compete on the price, but to find a reasonable middle ground where the quality is top notch at a fair price. We believe that it can be seen on the end result if our window cleaner does not get the necessary time that your task requires if it has to be solved satisfactorily.


If you want to see how cheap quality plastering can be carried out, we would rather than prepare a non-binding offer for you. We can both calculate an offer for you if you know in advance the number of glass surfaces, or can alternatively offer you free survey of your property. 

Good customer service – an important part of window cleaning

A good window cleaner is of course credible and must be nice to have in his home. That’s why we at CleanxGroup are high on the fact that all our employees are customer-minded and provide a good customer service when they are with you. If in your agreement with us, you also need your windows plastered from inside, then it is important that you feel comfortable having us in your home. Therefore, of course, we always appear smiling to you, and you are welcome to ask questions while we are in your home.

Shiny windows are not in themselves enough if you, as a customer, need a good overall experience. Therefore, we aim to give you a good experience so that in the future you look forward to having us visit when we need to clean your windows.


Clean Water Technology

What is clean water technology? In short: it is 100% chemically pure water… H2O!

It is produced completely environmentally friendly by the fact that ordinary tap water, or rainwater, is passed through some menbrans that only allow the water molecules to pass.

The benefits of this are that water in this state must be saturated chemically. This means that it is associated with all dirt and dissolves it as effectively as soap.