Vinyl Flooring

Quality cleaning of vinyl floors


There are many benefits to vinyl flooring, and it is therefore no coincidence that this floor type is popular.

A myriad of colors, patterns and designs

The advantages of vinyl flooring are that they are available in many colors and patterns and a myriad of designs. Vinyl is a pure plastic / PVC product, as opposed to linoleum. When it comes to cleaning, the vinyl is a very grateful floor. The coating is waterproof and extremely easy to clean.

A little technically explained, it is a carbonic acid-based biorens method that cleans all the layers of the material.

The phases in our carpet cleaning are as follows:

  1. Thorough vacuuming of the entire area.
  2. Stains from the surface are removed before cleansing.
  3. Cleaning is performed using hot water and the unique chemistry-free detergent. The water circulates and is drawn up to the surface of the cleaner.
  4. While the carpet is drying, oxygen carries the final dirt up to the carpet’s surface.
  5. Finally, vacuuming thoroughly to suck away the last superficial debris.
  6. Now you can enjoy your clean, fresh carpets and the good indoor climate.

The price of the carpet cleaning is determined by the number of square meters and cleaning of other things from a unit price.

It is easy to get an indicative price, for smaller tasks it can usually be enough to send us a few pictures and a description of the task.

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