Marble Floor

We offer maintenance of worn and old marble floors

Marble is a delicate natural material

Marble is a natural material created by millions of years of geological processes. It is one of the most beautiful things you can have in the home – and at the same time it is a very delicate surface.

Grinding of marble floors

You may know marble floors from magnificent hotel lobbies or large castles. It shines from the shiny surface and signals luxury. Well, marble is indeed an elegant material, but it is not only reserved for majestic buildings. Marble is also used in Denmark in both private and business, and if the marble floor is in good condition it can lift any room to new heights.

But like so many other materials, marble grows and wears with time, and it can have a negative impact on the surface and radiance of the floor. The glossy surface becomes matt and there can be damage in front of cracks and other wear.

If this is the case on your marble floor, it is about to be high time with a grinding. We have extensive experience and expertise in the renovation of stone floors in all variants – including marble floors. Marble is a unique material and it deserves the best treatment.

Effective grinding and polishing of marble floors

If you have a marble floor that for some reason has been damaged or worn, then it can most likely be repaired with a floor sanding from CleanxGroup.

We use a special diamond grinder that can grind the level at different levels. It depends, among other things, on how worn the floor is or what damage the floor has been applied to. Grinding a marble floor is a process that spans more than one step – from the coarse grinding to the fine grinding and subsequent polishing and sealing.

At CleanxGroup, we can efficiently and eco-friendly grind marble floors so that the damage is rectified and final finishing ensures the glossy and shiny surface that a delicious marble floor deserves.

Advantages of sanding and polishing marble floors

If your marble floor is included, then there is a wide range of benefits of grinding and treatment. The obvious advantages are that you get a floor that is as good as new – and in some cases better. The characteristic cut and shiny reflection come back so you get the most value out of the marble flooring qualities.

But there is not only the floor appearance that is significantly improved with a grinding and polishing. You also get a healthier floor that is easier to maintain and which at the same time is more resistant in the future. This is mainly due to the final seal, which prevents dirt from entering the floor.

And remember, it is cheaper to get a marble floor at any time, rather than getting a brand new one.

Grinding of marble floors at good price

Should we grind, polish and seal your marble floor? Then contact CleanxGroup today. Based on the assignment, we set a fair price.