Carpet Cleaning

Quality carpet cleaning of all types of carpets

Chemistry-free carpet cleaning

Anyone who has tried to clean an older carpet has found how much dirt can hide in the carpet, despite frequent vacuuming. It can be difficult to see with the naked eye, but most often the indoor climate will deteriorate under all the dirt that is whirled up in the air in everyday life.

CleanxGroup use a unique cleaning system that uses only a chemical-free biological cleaning agent. It can be used for carpets, but also other fabric coated surfaces such as office chairs, car seats, car seats / baby carriers etc.

Previously, like everyone else, we used the traditional carpet cleaning one you get from the wholesalers. A lot of soaps and chlorine are used, which probably cleans the carpet free of bacteria and dirt, but also leaves chemistry in the carpet. Our personal view is that the surviving chemistry may in some cases be allergenic and may cause an unhealthy working climate.

In our search for better methods, we found the system that we use today. The unique cleaning system uses a chemically-free, biodegradable detergent. This gives the healthiest working climate and a nice result.